Monday, August 29, 2011

Introducing The Wannabees

 Ladies and Gentlemen i give you......The Wannabees!

Last year Rob subbed on a men's flag football team and decided he wanted to be on his own team. So this year he has put one together and i managed to convince him to name it The Wannabees. He has one brother and two brother-in-laws playing with him so our whole family turns out for the events. There are some friends and their wives come too...its turning out to be a family/friend affair. I ordered team tshirts and decided the "team mom's" need matching shirts too. LOL The angry bee (see left) is our team logo.
I figure it is far more fun to make it a party than be annoyed he is gone on saturdays. We all love football and lets face it, us girls will spend our time chatting, watching the children and cheering our husbands and friends on when someone else starts cheering.

These are the Wannabees distracted cheerleaders

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stephslater said...

You rock for choosing such a clever name. I currently don't have a flag football favorite team, so I will cheer for you guys! Have a great season, and keep us posted.