Thursday, August 25, 2011

Basketball Wrap Up

 On the way to basketball, getting his socks. We were at a stoplight when i took this picture. In my head i heard our longstanding inside joke "Safety First!!!"
  Grandma and Grandpa Sota showed up to watch Caleb's moves on the court and bummer, no teacher. We tried to convince Caleb to still show his moves but it didn't happen. (sorry for the crappy pictures. POS camera)
 Grandma and Grandpa Sota waiting for Caleb to show his moves. They discovered Colton isn't quite as interesting as Caleb...yet. Ü

 Grandpa Sota playing with colton's hands. Love my camera....
Caleb was picking his nose and i tried my best to catch it but i got this instead. It was a funny moment: trying to convince Caleb to show his moves and he is diggin for gold. As soon as we left, he threw a big fit about leaving and wanting to show his moves to Grandma and Grandpa Sota.
Go figure.

We learned a few valuable lessons with this pre-school sports program.
As soon as Caleb got the hang of one sport the month was over and he had to move on. One sport at a time is best.
Caleb is decent with his feet coordination (soccer).
Caleb HATES tag
He loved playing sports and the intro showed us he is too young but playing at home will be best--since he needed Rob around to help channel his focus.

Overall we had fun, he had fun and we probably won't do it again. We will wait a bit and then have him pick a sport. In the meantime we will play at home.

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J and T said...

We had such a great time the other day. Caleb is such a great kid and Colton is so darn cute!

I think it's great that you had Caleb try different sports. For some reason, I haven't even really thought of teaching Katelyn about different sports (which is funny because I really like sports). Maybe it is because our lives are filled with princesses, makeovers, dance, and dress-ups. I'll be adding sports in shortly! We'll call Caleb to help introduce us!