Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This morning i found a dead fly in my blender

Yes, if you just read and reread my title, i did in fact find a dead fly in my blender this morning. I poured in my rice milk to start making my morning shake and i saw a black floatie. At first i thought it was a flax seed but it was way too big and black for a flax seed. I did my double take and bam...dead fly.

be comforted...i didn't drink it. I dumped it out and washed thoroughly.
 I know...eeeewwww

I started singing "i know a lady who almost drank a fly" to my boys.

 Baby Caleb


stephslater said...

That's not good. I hate the amount of flies in our house. I think I have the kids 50% trained to close the door, and Mike 0%. He is the worst.
I should get your smoothie recipe, because we need something new around here minus the flies.

Jill said...


i don't have a recipe for smoothies. I put in rice milk (coconut milk is good, i can't do soy anymore-had way too much of it), almonds, flax seed (winco bulk is cheap!!) whatever fresh fruit i have and some frozen fruit. Right now i have a tropical frozen fruit mix in my freezer. Sometimes i have the berry mix (both at costco). I just make sure i have enough liquid to make the consistency i want.

this is the only thing caleb usually likes for breakfast.