Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday!!

I just had the most perfect run. I didn't get overly winded, perfect pace. Gabby listened and didn't bark too much. The kids were content. The view of the wasatch mountains was spectacular. I wore my favorite green tank top and my hair down. I felt my hair bounce around my shoulders as i ran. it was perfect running weather-probably high 60's low 70's. There were blue-gray almost rain clouds in the sky. The sun was hidden behind the clouds. There was a mild breeze--enough to make me work when i ran into it. 

I listened to this song on my ipod three times

I only run two miles. I am slow.  But i smiled the whole time.
have a beautiful friday!!

I am looking forward to tomorrows Wannabee's Game and the BYU v Utah game.

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stephslater said...

I miss running with you in the freezing cold. You are so fun to talk to, and I forget that my nose has ice cicles on it. If our schedules and our kids schedules ever meet in the middle lets run sometime.
Thanks for a song recommendation. I need some new stuff for the race.
Go Wannabee's!!