Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Family Gathering

Sunday was my cousins farewell. He will be serving an lds mission in Hondouras. We are all so excited for him. We drove up to pocatello to listen to him speak and have fabulous food. I was terrified how my boys would do but they did great! It helped we could go 80 mph most of the way.
 Grandma Loland, Aunt Tanna, Aunt Toni
 Grandma Roma, Shane, Brooke, Brittannia
doesn't brooke look so feminine and graceful?! Brittania is 5 months pregnant. i swear. talk about unfair!
i have always envied and compared myself to these to women.i had no sisters-they were the next closest thing i had growing up.  I love them and think they are beautiful!
 My man and Braxton, the future missionary
 Uncle Mark has his hand in front of his face.
 Me, sleeping colton, and my mom who looks fabulously skinny!
Braxton and I
crud, i remember when this kid was a baby! 
time flies people. we better cherish what we have.

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