Monday, November 14, 2011

What is that???!!

We went to gygi's to get some stuff (love that store by the way) and caleb had been chewing gum. Caleb is a great gum chewer so it has never been an issue what to do with it.  Early in our shopping trip he told me "get the gum" i had no idea what he was talking about and was distracted by shopping so i ignored him. Apparently to colton's peril.As I was loading colton when i saw gum in his hair. Of course i don't carry scissors so i went inside and asked some nice guy if i could borrow some scissors. He gave me some dull kids safety scissors. I proceeded to try to hold my little mover still while i took scissors to his head. The guy graciously held coltons head (while i could feel the eyes of multiple customers and workers wondering what was going on.) And out came this blob. Ironically, i didn't get that mad at Caleb. I wanted to be mad but their was no anger in me. I told him i was dissappointed in this and as i was forumilating a brilliant punishment I realized then i am being worn down. And it probably was an accident.

This mess happened during a peaceful dinner. And i didn't freak out like i thought i would have. I just moved a few things around and sighed. Rob cleaned it up-thankfully it was washable.
Yes, i am being worn down.

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