Monday, November 28, 2011

Ahh thanksgiving weekend

waiting for rob to get off early on wednesday. what did we do??? Cabellas of course. animals and fish galore = heaven for little boys. oh, and trying on the merchandise.

Yes, that is a wolf chasing a caribou. Ever since i went to yellowstone national park with Utah State College of Natural Resources looking for wolves i am sorta in love with the fearsome creatures. Truly, they are majestic. I am sure farmers would disagree with me but since i am a city girl, i enjoy the beauty they possess.

My mother is a master chef and created a wonderful thanksgiving for us all!!

The food was as amazing as everything looked. We missed my brother jake and his wife katie but we are looking forward to Jared and Maddie's wedding coming up in a week and a half!!

As i do every year, the day after thanksgiving we put up christmas. Caleb is getting into the magic of christmas and it is so fun to help create that magic here at home. 

This is my latest foray into creativity. My fireplace is not usable as a fireplace. It just fills our house up with smoke and does little in the way of warming. So i cleaned it out, nicely wadded up the extra Christmas lights we have, bought the cinnamon smelling pine cones, dug wood out of our fire pit in the backyard and whala my newest Christmas masterpiece. It is homey and festive looking. i might even keep the white ones year-round.

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