Thursday, October 23, 2008

time warp

i saw this on my friends blog and thought it could be a lot of fun!!

20 years ago
Gosh, i was 5 years old--in kindergarten with Mrs. Mills at John C. Freemont Elementary. i remember learning how to cut out a circle by moving the paper, the boy who would rip holes in his shirts, my mom dressed up as a witch for the halloween party and trying to count the highest with things like a hundred-gazillion-billion. my brothers were 2.5 and my parents had gotten us a dog: Lady. Rob would have been in the 2nd grade. i don't know what he remembers from then...i am sure he was doing something mischievous with his brother, spen.

10 years ago
i was 15 and in the 9th grade. i was starting to make more friends, seminary was really good for me, i was starting to develop some self-confidence. i had a huge crush on a guy named jake, he moved at the end of the school year and neither of us ever admitted out crushes on each other but we played the silly "who do you like" game while both blushing for most of the year. i had mr. phelps for geography and got in huge trouble for brushing my hair (it hung down to my waist). i started to admire alan hurst for his crazy braniac abilities(he scored 100% on SAT). Rob was 16, a sophomore at Jordan, working at mulligans golf & game as a picker (i think) and driving the saturn--legendary family car. he hated high school and loved basketball.

5 years ago
this was a very piviotal time for me. i was 20 and we were engaged. i was going to USU in logan and he was in salt lake going to slcc. i came home nearly every weekend to be with him. we were trying to figure out what we were going to do for living arrangements. since we were both in school, rob had just gotten home from his mission in july and i had just gotten back fom maine ...we were almost destitute. we got the elsberry's apt. we worked for them in exchange for the rent. it was a life saver for us! i remember ritarae called me on afternoon while i was walking back to my apartment from a rhetoric associate meeting(writing tutor) to let me know they wanted us to move in. i was exctatic!! i also remember rob was really nervous to get married and after we were engaged he briefly had second thoughts-mostly due to the fact that he had pretty much no way to take care of me. i remember looking at trailers-a for real trailor park-for living. i don't remember being concerned-i was 100% confident that since i would be with rob i would be happy and we would be ok.

3 years ago
we has just bought our condo. rob was working for intermountain plantings and going to school. i was working for roundy clothing (job from hell) and in my last semester of school at the U. we were primary teachers for the 11 yr olds. i went to the las vegas air show with my in-laws, without rob. don't understimate the power of the air-show. we love them! we'd be going to this years but it is a TON of driving and we are not sure we are ready to do that with Caleb. and i don't exactly want to nurse in public. :) i think this is the year rob put the irrigation system in the backyard at the condo in december. i thought he was crazy-he had to use my blowdryer to heat the pipe and glue to get everything to work.

1 year ago
i was 2 months pregnant, a little sick and delighted. we had told are families but hadn't announced it for real until halloween. i was working for ProviderPay and rob was working for Odyessy Landscape. we were remodeling the condo, getting ready to do the cabinets in the kitchen. gabby(our dog) was getting walked every day and we were looking forward to the Hawaii trip (amazing) with rob's work. i really didn't like my job but was staying for the insurance. i think we took gabby to petsmart to get a haircut and she came home sick. diarrhea and stuck in a kennel for 2 or 3 days. it was sooo sad. she has never been back to petsmart for a haircut. we played catch on a regular basis. rob would play quarterback and i would be running back. i probably dropped more balls than i caught and usually i couldn't throw them back to him but we had fun anyway-and gabby loved chasing us and the ball. i think she went through two footballs.

hung out with Caleb, who is now 5 months old. he was eating every 2 hours and i was trying to recover from the really hard workout from the day before. nursing so much and trying to recover drained me. i ate like a horse and went to bed early. we did go for a walk in the afternoon, i had Caleb all bundled up in blankets, hat, sunglasses and a binkey--it was so cute. Rob worked all day and came home and worked on the basement. he is trying to get it ready for our renters who are moving in on saturday. eventful huh?! :)

we will dress up like cleopatra and caesar and go to a halloween party. i am still trying to get the costumes ready. Caleb will go see grandma and grandpa hakes and probably aunt J.
funny how simple life is now that i stay home with caleb. he eats, sleeps, poops, drools and smiles at me all day long. sometimes we run errands, usually we go for a walk or a run. ironically, going from being soo busy and self-involved to a stay-at-home mom has been really good for me. my former job was a pretty toxic environment. being at home is great.

Next Year
we will likely be living in our current house working our current jobs. hopefully i'll be skinnier, the landscape will be in and caleb will be 1.5 years old. i have no idea what that means other than he will be all over the place and into everything. i fully expect a toddler that is a handful-i am hoping i have the patience and ability to be a good mom to him. Caleb will have a baby cousin to hang with. unlike when i was working, i am now inclined to take life much slower. i really haven't given a lot of thought to next year. so far my mental timeline takes me to mid-januray of this year.
i have spent my whole life planning for the next event and creating expectations for myself. Caleb has singlehandedly obliterated that abilty for now. i have no idea what to expect from a kid let alone of myself as a mother. i have a conceptual idea of what i want for my family; every day i try to create that or work towards the creation of it. that is how i live for now. it is a fleeting time i am sure, life will get progressively bussier as we have more kids and they get older. for now my little baby and i are taking life slowly.


Megan said...

i really enjoyed your post today! how fun to get to know you better. and guess what? i am younger then you ha ha. kidding kidding. that is great that you got renters for your basement. so happy for you! we should go walk together some time! have you started feeding caleb solids?!

Wendy said...

I am older than you, so you can feel good about that. :)

Hannah S said...

I am way older too. Yes, this is good to get to know you better. I am glad you mentioned you'll be Cleopatra. I am assuming it's for the ward party....that's exactly what I was going to be....maybe I"ll have to re-think my costume. We don't need 2 Cleopatra's at a single party. lol. BTW--thanks for reading my blog! It was fun serving at the dairy together.

Tiff said...

Fun post.. I might have to double steal the idea. :)

And I'm with you - this whole baby thing has got me to realize that I need to just take it as it comes and not think I need to have everything mapped out.

hakesfam said...

Loved this post. Love you and Rob and Caleb . . . what an amazing little family!!!!