Monday, October 13, 2008

My Dad

i was looking through my pictures on my computer, saw this picture and was reminded of a story. since i am in a blogging you go:

my parents, me and rob went to logan for rob's college graduation ceremony. after, we were getting pictures on the 'A' for posterity and my dad found this bike on the bike rack. it was not chained up and the back tire was almost flat. of course the most logical thing would be to jump on and ride around. being my dad he did this (know you know where i get it from) in his nice church clothes. we were all laughing, looking around for the owner--he almost tipped over riding in the snow on a stolen bike in the frozen tundra of logan, ut.

i am sure this sounds like a rather stupid story for those of you who don't know my dad however, we were laughing and every time rob or i bring it up, my dad quickly tries to change the this will totally harass him. Payback

honestly ...i love my dad. he has been instumental in shaping me as a person and has long since been someone i could always talk to and count on being understood and accepted. he is a wonderful person and has taught me many things among to handle being teased. thanks so much dad, i love you!

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