Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brought to you by the letter A...

thanks so much to Wendy!! for those of you who don't know, i will list the top ten things i love that start with the letter A.

1. Amor
i really like all kinds of love. of course, romance is at the top of the list, but i love my son, my dog, our extended families, our friends. when i was 17 and i had just meet rob i remember talking about what i wanted out of life...nothing more than love. i remember telling rob i would live in a cardboard box if i could be deeply and happily in love. what i didn't realize was how varied love is...and how hard it is to hold on to. it is something i can't live without.

2. Afterglow--album by sarah mclachlan
i adore music!! mostly i am into alternative rock music. jack johnson style music is very near and dear to my heart. i wouldn't know what genre i would put sarah mclachlan or imogen heap into but i love that type of music also. i am also a dorky new-age piano style music connoisseur. i used to play the piano and on occasion i will try to pick out some hymns that i used to be able to play. pretty much i always have something going in the background.

3. Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin
i never watched flipper but as a kid i always loved dolphins! at one point i wanted to be a dolphin trainer at sea world. i absolutely love to play in water; more than once i have been accused of being a fish. this particular animal stands in for all my animal loves. i have a minature schnauzer named gabby. she is awesome although currently a little neglected. we had fish when we were first married--bunky and steeder--beta fish. after a while of rob taking of them i decided i didn't want them anymore and asked rob to take them to the canal behind the house we were living at the time. it was winter and the water had been drained also. rob still likes to tease me.

4. Austen, Jane
how can a girl live without her stories?! thankfully my best friends from high school (audrey and andrea) introduced me to pride and prejudice and my life has never been the same. this version (see picture) of pride and prejudice is wonderful andthis scene...never fails to give me butterflies. i know it is a bit of a mystery to men why this is so incredible and to be honest i am not sure i can articulate it but trust me when i say it is wonderful!

5. Apples
it is fall and i have discovered baked apples. take out core, create a bowl inside apple, little bit of sugar, cinnaman, and nuts bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 min and whala...your house smells like fall and you feel like a whole new person. these are a stand-in for all fruit...seriously probably my favorite food group. i try to watch my intake of sweets during the week and i have a huge sweet tooth. fruit is the antidote to this weakness.

6. Asleep
i love to be in bed sleeping or relaxing. 'nuff said.

7. Acadia National Park
this is my favorite place. i went there when i lived in maine. it is rugged and unique to a girl from the western desert of the united states. i loved this place. i have resolved to go back. idea but i loved it there!!!! if you can ever go...i highly recommend it! it is outside bar harbor maine. it is worth it!

8. Athletic Training
i love to work out. in any way. i love to be pushed hard. i am one of those crazy girls who has more than once, worked out so hard i couldn't walk the next day. i suppose you could say i am addicted to working out. i was never an athletic person growing up. i had zero confidence...i still lack confidence and experience playing sports however i love go out and sweat my guts out in any way.

9. Appearance
i needed a fancy word for fashion. i love to dress up, wear jewlery and be all girly. i will admit caleb has cut in on my chances to doll up, he loves to play with my jewlery and earings. i love to shop especially bargain shop--nothing better than finding freakin' cute clothes for cheap!!! :) the pic doesn't really go but....cala lily's make me think of beauty.

10. Apostles
i am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. we are led by a prophet and 12 apostles. I believe these men are inspired by Jesus Christ himself to lead us in His ways. i believe Jesus Christ knows me and loves me and wants me to be happy. the apostles help me become closer to Him.


Wendy said...

Great use of the letter A! Thanks for playing along.

Megan said...

working out is a good one. this will probably sound weird but when you taught on sunday i couldn't help but notice how fit your arms look! you got muscle girl. good for you! by the way your lesson was fabulous on sunday. good job! i really mean it. i want to come see you home some time. are you all settled in ?

Tiff said...

Cute Jill... I learned some new things about you. :)

Hannah S said...

Oh, shoot, I missed your lesson. Maybe you'll be called to be a teacher and I"ll get to hear you again.
I've heard of bar harbor. We wanted to visit it while we were in Boston but it was too far of a drive (like 5 hours). But I've heard it is beautiful from others too.
Good to get to know you better.