Monday, October 13, 2008

DCS & Heat

My brother called me this afternoon from a phone number i didn't recognize to let me know that the DCS (department of child services) had been notified we had a child residing with us without heat. LOL. It is true, we currently do not have the heater working. thankfully we have a space-heater in Caleb's room-that keeps things comfy for him. we warm our room with the heat from our showers in the master bath. truthfully, i spent half the day in caleb's room today.

this brings me to the point of my blogging moment: i am very grateful for the heat. frequently rob and i look at each other and ask "can you imagine if we had been pioneers". i can't. today, i had K outside looking at something with rob and it was so cold...those women who had babies while crossing the plains must have known their little one wouldn't survive...can you imagine?! what are we going to do in a natural disaster??

(the depressing part is over)

i have now lived in both extremes: no AC when it was 100+ (AC unit had broke and we procrastinated getting it fixed-don't ask why) and now no heat when it was snowing outside (again, we procrastinated...)

so this is a tribute to gratitude for smart fix-it men and brilliang engineers for coming up with (and installing) the beloved heating system and to God...who allows mere men to live in such comforts.

do you ever wonder if the pioneers shake their heads at all of us whiners and say "you have no idea what it is to struggle!" ??

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Tiff said...

okay. time out. who called the department of child services on you?!