Tuesday, November 11, 2008

short and sweet

i decided the following: it has been a while since i blogged and i have been writing eternal novels so this needs to be short and sweet. :) luckily for all of us, i have no idea what to write. guess we'll go for the update::
rob and i have had colds and miraculously caleb has managed to avoid sickness. gabby and caleb have been playing lately and gabby is fabulous with caleb (see pic). while i was making bread yesterday, caleb was screaming and i thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown but the bread got taken care of and caleb got mommy so everything was fine.

i learned that nursing mommies shouldn't take airborne (the miracle herbal supplement) because too many vitamins for baby and it has echinacea in it which should not be given to children who have not yet gone through puberty-immune system has not finished developing until puberty is complete and echinacea fiddles with your immune system (according to the knowleable lady on the phone).

that's all folks. :)

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Tiff said...

wow! thanks for sharing... I take that stuff all the time.