Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6 month Milestone!

Caleb is officially 6 months old today.
the pictures (going left to right) ~20 weeks, one day old, 6 months old.

i can't believe it has been six months since i had him. it has gone by so fast!! i feel like a totally different person. he is just...wonderful. i am privileged to be his mother (what mom doesn't think that? :)).

so in honor of the big six months...six things i keenly remember:

*hearing him cry for the first time, not being annoyed and thinking "maybe i can do this mom thing".

*how much i loved to sit on the couch and hold and watch him.

*being way protective of him. I actually told a lady at costco not to touch my baby while we were standing in the check out line.

*rob, caleb, gabby and i went for a walk, i had given myself tendonitis in my knees ( i was really excited to workout) so i couldn't really walk and a rottweiler started following us. rob had gabby and i had caleb. i couldn't even walk fast to try to get us out of the situation. the rottweiler was HUGE and it looked like it was foaming at the mouth (freaky!!). it just followed us for a little while and then left us alone. i remember feeling so helpless and pathetic. it was incredibly irritating and frightening.

*trying to make dinner. caleb has a tendency to get frustrated when i try to cook/bake.

*running. caleb loves to go for rides in his stroller. during the summer when it was hot, i'd go running with him when it had cooled down a little but he'd get hot if i quit running so when i was tired and wanted to walk, he'd fuss and it forced me to run. it was great motivation.

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Tiff said...

I loved the last one.. what a perfect baby for you - him fussing to make you run. hehe.