Monday, December 8, 2008


1. rob notified me that when i get excited i wiggle my toes. it is true, my excitement frequently bubbles over into jumping, squealing, stomping...much to the amusement of my beloved.

2. i frequently make up my own words. i can't remember any of the words right now but when it happens, rob will ask "is that a word?" and i always say yes. this usually happens when i am talking about something particularly intense.

3. i always have music running in the house...even when i am not home. i have done this since i got my first radio in my bedroom when i was in the 3rd grade.

4. Every time we get pizza, i eat leftover cold pizza for breakfast the next day. Rob doesn't like to kiss me after this...he thinks it is disgusting.

5. i always read the instruction manual. Bottles, window blinds, flat irons, vacuums, filing cabinets, knives, kitchen gadgets.

Thank you marcie for the tag. i tag...anyone who is interested. (i know...lame....)


{Melissa} said...

What is it about pizza that makes it so much better the next day. mmm... that sounds fantastic right now. And amen on the work making up! I believe I said clarity-ness today. Makes perfect sense!

Megan said...

i too love left over pizza the next morning....joel does too though so it all works out :-D you are a totally bubbly person (which is awesome) so when you talk about jumping up and down etc. i can totally picture lol. you are awesome!