Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 months!

these are the latest in pics of caleb. He is, as of today, 7 months old. the pic where he is looking behind him at the camera...he is standing on his own. he can do this for brief periods of time. he is very close to crawling but loves to spend time standing up too. Currently, his mode of transportation is rolling. he rolls wherever he wants to go and will spin around on his belly to get in the right direction so he can roll where he wants. he frequently crosses the family room to get to the christmas tree to cause problems. :)

Rob and I are having a lot of fun being parents. i love staying home with K. He is a happy baby unless he is hungry or can't get where he wants to go.

size update:
i only have the 6 month old numbers: 17 lbs 2.5 oz and 29.25 in long.


Megan said...

is he really 7 months old?! i guess i never realized how close him and my kaleb were in age! that is a good sign that he is already standing up and holind on to things. i'll bet he turns out to be an early walker! he is so cute jill!

MJ said...

He's so handsome Jill. He is even more long and lean than Robbie. We really respect that in the Bunker family.
Can you believe that he is almost a toddler?! Crazy! It's so much fun to see what he's doing now. It's great for predicting what Robbie will be up to in a month.

hakesfam said...

K!!!! Love the pics. Still the cutest baby in the world, soon to be demoted to cutest baby boy in the world! Ha ha. Love you!