Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A new Tradition

side--candy cane crumbs (*note the icing should be wet when applying) also, i love how my windows are totally crooked lol

pretzles. (rob's descision)

front (by Jill) notice the large gap between the roof and the 'top' of the building. haha

Aerial view. (i had fun with the roof) Rob's landscape looks great!! He reminded me why: he is a landscape designer. silly jill, i shoulda know

Overall we had a blast with this. i am not the most creative woman ever and rob has all the artistic talent between the two of us. we are looking forward to when Caleb can do his own. Merry Christmas!!


hakesfam said...

Jill - I LOVE the house!!!! You guys will never forget it. I saw your tin foil ornaments on Lindsay's tree - - -SO CUTE. Way to go!

Tiff said...

Fun! I'll have to check out that book for next year when I'm not so sleep deprived and sore. I had no idea breastfeeding would be this hard!