Saturday, January 19, 2013

getting stronger

This week caleb has 
*started using his good leg to support his weight more
*spent more time on the ground scooting around playing, than on the couch
**starting to use his walker

These are huge steps forward in his healing. 
He has been so scared of using his good leg, almost as if he forgot he could. 
It has been fascinating to wade through this experience with him. 
seeing his emotional healing as well as his physical healing is difficult in so many ways but has been 
exciting when he does little things that show big improvement. 
he tries to show others what he can do and they are always so kind and positive
but i think rob and i are the ones who see the improvements most because we have been living through the whining, screaming, terrible attitudes, odd temper tantrums, freak-outs, brave moments, relentless tv
and a host of parental emotions that follow. 

this week marked two weeks left in this particular cast. i hope he gets a walking cast after this,
but i have no idea what happens next. 
we are all looking forward to a trip to st. george to play outside, swim and play outside more when k can. 

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