Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon excitment

i love summer. typically during the summer i have a series of books i read. Work and Glory, Children of Promise, Harry Potter, Twilight saga. i just watched the trailor to the movie of New Moon on stephenie meyer's website-wahoo! i can't wait. i have a feeling this new director is going to be great.

i am just bubbling over. i don't know how many of you know this, but i am a total twilight mom. i pre-ordered the books. i have read them all so many times i can't count anymore. i listen to the music on the website-yes my friends-total nerd. forgive my excitement.
i enjoyed the movie twilight-i felt it was lacking but my version of edward is infinititly more drool-worthy (no offense Robert Pattinson-i have a very good imagination) and bella is different in my head (i do like kristen but again, my imagination is incompariable) and rosalie-well, she looks more like a victoria secret model. blah blah blah
i will say the kid playing jacob (with the haircut-seen in the trailor) totally fits the bill. needless to say, i have enthusiam for this series. the only down side to this summer is that i have read the twilight saga for so many summers i am a little bored (gasp!) of it. i am planning on staying away and hopefully when the movie comes out (hurry november) i will be ready. :)

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primavera123 said...

I'm a total twilight mom! My daughter and I debate the Edward versus Jake question with passion. Secretly, I think a threesome with Bella, Edward and Jake would be totally hot. But I would never tell my daughter that!