Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Animal Crackers+Dog=mischief

caleb loves to feed gabby, our dog. he thinks it is hilarious. before caleb started solids, gabby really never had human food and she was satisfied that way. Caleb has changed that. every time he is in his high chair, gabby is underfoot waiting for the droppings.

today, i was giving caleb animal crackers while he was playing and he decided to share (awww). he gives gabby a bite then he takes a bite and so on till gabby or caleb gets the whole thing in their mouth. disgusting, i know.

what i don't have is the mischievous grin Caleb gets when i give him a cracker. he knows exactly what he is doing, he knows i am asking him to just eat it. he loves to ignore it all and honestly, i can't help but laughing. i suppose someday it will matter more-for now, it is free comedy.

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