Wednesday, September 5, 2012

workings of a 4 year olds mind

disclosure: we are not pro-obama

rob listened to the democrat convention speeches while he and caleb were driving home from his basketball game. 
rob: "do you know who the president of the united states is?"
caleb: "ya, the united states"
rob: "no, the president is barack obama"
caleb: "barack obama? barack obama.  he is the president? he protects us if there is a fire in the mountains or if there is an earthshake"

when caleb told me this, i busted out laughing. 
we talk a lot about earthshakes, fires and tornadoes. 
caleb helps me get our food storage put together. 

relying on barack obama is not part of our plan nor has the government helping us ever been part of our conversations. 
clearly he listened to the convention.
funny the workings of a 4-year old's mind.

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