Friday, September 7, 2012


My parents are doing the LOTOJA ride in a team with 3 other riders. 
i am so proud of them!! they have worked so hard, ridden so many miles and had so much enjoyment come of it all. 
so the boys and i did this craft today.
i wrote the saying, owing to its cheese-ball nature and slightly awkward phrasing. 

here is what it says:
we're nuts for you and think you are worth 100 grand. We hope your ride is full of joy and your butt holds up. hope the rocks don't force your tires to lose air, force you to rollover or get a whopping injury. We know you can lead the way and find the extra whatchmacallit when you need it. lead your leagues on the trail and betwixt you both, if you don't skid, you'll skor at your finish. We wish you mounds of luck so you can mamba now&later.

my mom got me a shirt so i could wear it in solidarity since i can't go cheer them on. If you see me wearing a lotoja shirt, it is to support my parents. 
you go mom and dad!!!

in case you don't know, LOTOJA is a bike ride from logan, ut to jackson, wy.
206 miles
3 states
1 day