Tuesday, August 28, 2012

never mentioned

i love the idea of picnics. Every time we go outside to enjoy food, we get swarmed by bees and flies. being dive-bombed for my corn or potatoes is unpleasant. IT is also dangerous to all surrounding the table: you know the motions--large arm swinging motions to shoo a bee away as if they were prize boxers.
 It is more than obnoxious!
so trying to plan a romantic outdoor meal is impossible. 

This absolute fact is never mentioned in movies or books.
In movies and books, picnics  are where romantic, private chats and secret moments occur. THey are always picturesque. Always inviting and i always get sucked into thinking..."maybe this time"

i find this misleading. 
much like my favorite romantic movies of youth, they give the wrong impression of picnics (and love). 

life is good. life is hard. 
sometimes it is hilarious in it's irony. 

how come the real parts are celebrated minimally?

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