Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We are not a big fast food family but recent stories in the news (here, here) about Chick-fil-A irked me enough i decided to take a stand. Granted, it isn't much of a stand, but it is what i can do. 
In case you don't know, feel free to read the links i have above. My take home message is as follows: the president of chick-fil-a is a  devout christian, family man. So much so, chick-fil-a as a chain, is closed on sundays. He made a few statements about his thoughts on marriage and such and angered the chicago mayer enough he said they couldn't build a restaurant in their city. 

I told my husband, i am going to eat at chick-fil-a as a personal/financial statement against the mayer of chicago. 

he wants to throw a hissy fit because a business took a stand. 
my buck stays with them 
and i like their fries. 

I am a christian woman. 
I support those who hold fast to their beliefs, even if they don't mesh with mine. 
but don't hate me and those like me because we believe differently than you. 
I don't hate. I get irritated that personal belief and opinion have become such....fighting words. 

if we all agreed on everythin, our world would be totally boring. 
Our country was never intended to be a homogenous mass of non-thinking people blindly following a government. 
Government should follow the peoples lead. 

so we went to chick-fil-a


stephslater said...

You go girl. Next time you go take me too, we love that place.

Rach said...

We tried to go there today but the drive-thru line was literally around the parking lot. Next time. I love their fries, too. And their lemonade.