Saturday, January 16, 2010

Power to the women...

When i was in high school i was easily bated by guy friends just with them calling me "woman" with a certain tone. Those jokes about wives only cooking or having babies-those have always pissed me off. Without knowing anything about the feminist movement, i heartily counted myself as a fringe member. Power to the women baby--equality and all that stuff.

Well, I may be rethinking my stance. Don't get me wrong, i am all about fairness in the workplace and whatnot but there is a growing trend that either exposure or maturity has exposed me to. The paris hilton commercial for a Carl's Junior hamburger is mouth-dropping offensive (if you haven't seen it, count your blessings, it is pretty much soft porn) I mean seriously--this is an ad for HAMBURGERS?! Notice what all women's halloween costumes have in common: Sex appeal. It is halloween for heaven's sake! Can't i just dress up?! just be goofy-?

Here is the issue, with all of us girls seeing everything being sold with sexy women, we think that is what we need to be like. rediculous (kudos to you if you are immune to this. I however am a bit of a weakling)

It would seem that the only thing women have to offer is being eye-candy. Now, this is not a diatribe about normal women not being seen in advertising (that is for a different day); no, this diatribe is about over-sexualization of women in general.

Rob was telling me about an add someone put on his computer as a joke...a flier for a 900 number, on the back side manifested a Carl's Junior logo. Now, i don't really care about Carl's Junior, they seem to have ample choices for examples at this moment. When Rob told me about this, i got thinking and it hit me:

women are not empowered by their sexuality-they - WE- are objectified by it.

it is all such a lie. Amazing.

So, in the name of equal rights and all that crap, women are everywhere but the only way we are everywhere is if we are beautiful/sexy. i thought we just wanted to vote.

Somehow i think somewhere something got screwed up.

Mind you, i am not against being sexy people, heck, i love to feel sexy (don't you?!) i am arguing that it is not my defining feature. something, somewhere got out of balance.


Josh n Betsie said...

totally agree with you 100%

MJ said...

I agree. Also, that Carl's Jr. ad makes me ill every time it comes on. I can't count how many times I've told my husband how much I hate it and how disgusting it is.