Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Overnight Change

Ok, i took these pictures b/c i was so excited that i finally have a nice church shirt for caleb and i thought he was so dang cute!

Then we got his hair cut today by my sister-in-law. I always thought he was cute but now...wow. He really looks like rob's kid! He also grew up. I am glad i delayed this day. I have love my little boy but now, he looks so much older-so much closer to Two than i would like him to be. :)

Ahh little boy, i love you so. Your dad is my sun and you are my moon. I could not exist completely without either of you.


j. call said...

It was so fun to see you guys. Thanks for coming by the office. I can't believe how grown up Caleb looks. Such a cute haircut.

Nick and Meg said...

Hi guys, we are making our blog private but need your email address so we can send you an invite. My email is megcall3880@gmail.com.

Adam J Williams said...

Cute kid! I love the argyle.