Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing catch up

I read through my blog tonight. it was so fun to me. i
it reminded me why i should be blogging:
not to see how many people read my blog
not to try to get more readers
for my boys
for me
for rob

the memories are so much more vivid when i reread them. 
 Coltons dork outfit. it did not fit and being the kind mother i am, i took a picture of it to remember. 
he was watching caleb build a 'cat trap' in the back lot. 
just before this, our dog chased a cat out of the lot. 
i cheered her on (no offense) and she did great!
 workin man:
caleb told me he needed to earn money to replace a pipe he broke out at the playground. my standing rule is i won't pay him for jobs he usually does (clean room, pick up dirty laundry, clean up family room) so he volunteered to mop the floor. I figured...sure. 
he did a great job. he is four and it was the first time but he did great. 
so he got a quarter. the penny he is holding he found somewhere. 
he is so proud of that quarter. he keeps telling me he is going to pay his tithing and buy a bunch of stuff with it. i haven't the heart to tell him he can't really buy anything with it yet. i will have him wash some windows or learn to dust for more quarters before i break that news to him. 
 colton getting in on the action. 
whatever caleb does, colton tries for better and for worse. 
i think it is adorable and quite a burden for caleb
 The past two or three weeks we spend most of our days outside. i read books and the boys play in the dirt or with the neighbor kids. 
it has been amazing. 
i have no idea what i am going to do when winter comes. 
besides, i will miss my vitamin d

the neighbor kids. 
these three play every day. 
the game lately is soccer. 
we have various numbers of children playing soccer with varying non-soccor balls 
it is so fun for these three to be a little possey of friends. 
caleb tells me all the time he is going to marry abby. we consistently remind him it is up to her and it is a long way off. 
but we would adopt her in a second!
next summer colton will likely join the possey and a while after that abby and cam's younger brother will join the very loud party too. 
 caleb figuring out the two wheel scooter
 these are the game rob devised: wag that tail
when colton hears music, he gets all excited and shimmies his bum back and forth thus the name 'wag that tail'. colton tries to say the name of the game but it comes out garbled and i don't know when he says it unless rob translates for me, which usually doesn't happen that way. 
rob and colton definitely have a special bond. colton cannot get enough of rob. i find it endearing and a little sad. it used to be me that he always wanted but i suppose i had my turn. 
i am glad i worked so hard to appreciate the times he wanted me. 
i will likely be more glad as time goes on. 

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