Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Colton Matthew Hakes

I went into mild labor on February 8 at night. We managed to slow it down enough for me to sleep and the next morning the contractions kicked in. I went into the doc and after throughly checking me out and doing a fetal stress test my doctor told me we needed to deliver that day. I felt pretty dazed. I left the office and called rob to come get me. He and my sick caleb drove me down b/c the contractions were to intense for me to drive. Robs phone went straight to voicemail-twice. I called my mom and it went to voicemail. I started to cry-of course. I felt so helpless! I got in touch with my mom who helped calm me down and then i called robs work to have Dan radio him-he has nextel with direct connect for work. Of course Dan wasn't their and i end up crying on the phone and freaking everyone out. Finally, we (two other people at his work helped out) get a hold of rob, who was 2 blocks up the street-literally. Let me just say i HATE nextel!
He felt so bad. He had been staring at his phone waiting for me to call and here i am crying standing in a parking lot waiting to have a baby and my husband up the street waiting to hear the news from me. It was so dramatic for me...funny now-we could make a killer commercial with that idea!
So we ran home and met my mom who took caleb for us and packed bags and went back downtown for our baby to be born. It was really weird-surreal. I ended up having to wait for a while for the whole shootin match to get going and some of the contractions were strong-unfortunately after half a day in labor, my body had done nothing in the way of birth preparation.
So, into the OR and away we went. Rob and i didn't like the OR. It was cold, lots of steel and a little freaky. I tried hard not to think about what was going to happen to me. The spinal block felt cool at first then as it hit my upper rib cage, i tried not to panic as i focused on the fact that i could breathe, even if i couldn't feel it. Thankfully the anesthesiologist had warned me.

And out he came-my precious, teeny, tiny baby. Colton was 5 lbs 5 oz 18.5 inches long. He was in the special needs nursery the whole time and by sunday i thought i was going to die if we didn't get home. Hormonal mommy=dramatic mommy
we are home now and are working on healing. ROb's bout wtih the flu was gone enough for him to be at the hospital, but caleb started his bout the day i went into labor so he was with grandma sota the whole time i was in the hospital. Now he is finishing out his sickness and it hanging with grandma hakes and we are forever grateful for the help from our families!! Here are some phone pics for your viewing pleasure.


J and T said...

So cute and teeny! I'm happy your are home and are doing well. When Caleb joins you, let me know and I'll come get him for a play date. Congrats to your cute, little family! We are so happy for you.

C and C Young said...

Such a beautiful little guy! Congrats!

stephslater said...

What a cutie! I'm happy you are home. I hate hospitals. I just don't sleep when we are there. I hope you get rest.
Put me on the list for play dates with Caleb. Colin needs to have some friends that are boys. He asked for a purple cape at story time today. He doesn't know his colors, so I gave him yellow. I hope you get my point though, he only plays with girls.
Seeing those pics gets us excited to have a new baby in the house. text me if you need anything.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you're home. I wasn't a fan of the hospital either. I'm glad everything has worked out for you. I get the whole emotional part when you're told you have to have a baby and you're not quite ready for it. That's wonderful you have lots of family to help, but please let me know if I can assist in any way.

MJ said...

That sounds like it was quite the ordeal. So glad you are home and you have little Colton here and healthy. So cute and tiny! Congratulations!