Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ode to the Seasons

The weather the past few days has been inspirational! Fall is my favorite season of all! some of the best things in my life have happened to me in the fall:started going back to church. got engaged to rob. found out i was pregnant. bought the condo. bought the house. Somehow the change of the seasons heightens my awareness of God... His power and interest in one small, simple life.

i am a type of person who senses change when it is coming-usually this is to my dismay (i like my life). but when change comes i know enough to roll with the punches and look forward to what will come next-the next adventure if you will. fall is so good in this way... the heat, the glorious summer nights give way to the swishing of jackets and my most cuddly nature comes roaring alive as i pull out all my warm snuggly hoodies and jackets. i want nothing more than to sit by a fire, listening to calming music eating pumpkin pie and reading a good book (or watching a chick-flick). i love baking and am learning to really enjoy cooking and the fall means i can start to make yummy flavor filled soups and other delictable dishes that are best when the weather is cool. Now, having a baby with this weather is even better! we can go out running earlier in the day and we can go out any time without as much concern for Caleb overheating.

The fall wakes me up to a renewed sense of vitality. i am inspired to move forward, take on new projects and become the better version of myself. the perfect combination of sunshine and cool air wake me up to the miracle of life, the reality of love and all the opportunity that lies in between.

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hakesfam said...

Can't wait until your novel comes out Jill - - - you are a writer without doubt! Plus - didn't know we shared the SAME FAVORITE SEASON!!!! Love you, Mom Hakes.