Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breaking Dawn

since i have spent so much time reading Breaking Dawn, i thought i should acknowledge to the world (haha) that i loved the book!! honestly, i have read it twice (wince, that is so much time!) and i am trying to convince myself to wait for a little while before i pick if up again (ahh self control). Rob can be grateful that i am not working currently, i have spent most of my time reading it while he has been gone (or sleeping). so unlike before we had caleb. Rob says every time i get a good book, he doesn't see me until the book has been consumed. he loves to tease me about it. lol


amjith said...

Tell Rob, that I know exactly what he means :). Sometimes I contemplate about hiding the book that Yosh is reading just so she'll notice me.

J and T said...

Love the slide show! I had such a great time chatting and walking with you and Caleb yesterday. Katelyn did, too, even though she snoozed! She could have been screaming instead of sleeping. Anyway, let's do it again.